Can you use a pi-top for microsurgery training?

marzo 11, 2019
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marzo 11, 2019 admin

We love it when people hack and mod pi-tops in ways we hadn’t even thought about, so when a teacher in comparative cardiovascular physiology at the University of Gothenburg and a retired engineer got in touch with us to let us know that they had modified a pi-topCEED to use it for microsurgery training, to say that we were blown away is somewhat of an understatement.

This week we’ve also shared an essay that is well worth a read, written by two members of our learning team, on how to bring social constructionism and learning by making to the under 12s.

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A recipe for ‘learning by making’ for younger children

In maker learning, baking, or really any creative endeavour, it’s not just about the end result. The process and the freedom to make choices and follow interests are the drivers of deep, meaningful learning.

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pi-top [4] hero project: humanoid robot

Poppy is a 3D printed humanoid robot. The project was created for the Bett Show 2019 by Marko Mizdrak, a product manager at pi-top. Here’s how he built it.

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Tweet of the week


Can you use a pi-top for microsurgery training?

We’re constantly amazed when people use our products in ways we’d not even thought of. So when Michael Axelsson and Bill Williams got in touch to tell us what they were doing with a pi-top, we were blown away. Here they are in their own words, to tell us more.

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What we’ve been reading on the web this week

«While schools and parents are starting to recognize coding as one of the required literacies for children, I believe it’s important to also introduce young people to the concepts of AI and machine learning through hands-on projects so they can make more informed and critical use of these technologies.”

Busy week? Well if you’ve not had a chance to catch up on the latest education, science, maker and technology news, don’t worry, we’ve got it right here.

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How to get a pi-top

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