Managing groups, from small to large, can be challenging and keeping track of group members, whether they are present or absent, is difficult. Often trying to get the attention of even a small group of people, in order to do a roll call, can be challenging; plus external factors like other non-members, vehicles, noise and distractions, make what should be a simple task, extremely difficult. The revolutionary 40MEE track and count solution solves all these challenges and more. 40MEE is ideal for: Tour airline and transport groups Kindergartens & school expeditions Family & friend outing And much more…

40MEE utilizes a combination of Bluetooth (BT) hardware and an easy to use smartphone application. Each attendee is given a BT watch / tag that they wear for the duration of the event or trip. As each person receives their watch, their personal details including a photo are recorded into the smartphone application; this can even potentially be done in advance. When it’s time to do a head count, the group leader simply taps on the App to get a head count and within seconds, the results of who is present and who isn’t is readily available. Keeping track of your group has never been easier or quicker.


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