ABA DrOmnibus is among the world’s first tool that implements Applied Behavior Analysis principles in the form of a child-friendly app. See how we draw from the world’s leading science, based on the extensive experience of scientists, clinicians, and modern technology designers. Management & resources The ABA DrOmnibus helps in managing various areas of daily work of the therapist (supervisor or working directly with the client): checking the client’s basic skills, choosing the right educational and therapeutic program, data collection and graphs, cooperation with the parent.

ABA Programs Built-in resources save the therapist’s time to prepare for sessions with the client and after the session, for data collection and for generating reports. ABA Programs teach basic skills and knowledge generalization (colors, numbers, fruits, vegetables, professions, emotions, body parts, animals, shapes, sounds, quizzes). The client works on graphics and photos.

Data & graphs During the session, you follow the client and record the data from which the reports are created? In the ABA DrOmnibus app, the actions and customer scams automatically save in real time. You use data & graphs, simply print or download reports.


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