Get the most out of the mobile devices you already have with the MimioMobile™ application. A single MimioMobile annual license for a teacher’s classroom computer lets every student with a device interact with the lesson displayed on the interactive whiteboard. The NEW MimioMobile 2 app lets multiple students simultaneously contribute to the learning environment. Teachers simply link the MimioMobile app to their MimioStudio™ classroom software, and the mobile devices can be used together, Apple or Android.

• Allows up to nine student devices to work simultaneously on a MimioStudio activity, with everyone’s work displayed at the front of the classroom—encouraging collaboration. • Use multiple device types at the same time: Apple and Android tablets and phones, MimioPad™ wireless pen tablets, and MimioVote™ assessment. • Students can use their mobile devices for assessment via numeric, short-answer, and short-essay questions. • Open-ended response questions help students practice for the upcoming Common Core Assessments. • The MimioMobile app links with a simple point-and-click to the teacher’s MimioStudio software. Just scan the QR code displayed on the whiteboard, and connect instantly. • Purchase just one annual license for the teacher, and download the app to every student.


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