Spring Webinar Series: Now Available On Demand!

mayo 20, 2019
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mayo 20, 2019 admin

This spring, hundreds of educators joined us for our Transforming Learning in the Classroom webinar series. Each of our 45-minute sessions were led by experts and leaders in the field of education and technology, who shared their insights into creating successful learning environments. These presenters work in schools and make an impact every day, and they brought their vast knowledge, expertise, and advice to our series.

We will launch another series in the fall, featuring new topics and speakers to offer their insights into educational trends. If you missed our live spring series or can’t wait until fall to be inspired, don’t worry! You can still be motivated by all of these wonderful educators and innovators by viewing any of our sessions at your convenience.

Here’s just a sampling of the on-demand webinars we have available to you:

  • Teacher Choice = Teacher Success | How Personalized PD Keeps Teachers Learning: Dr. Althe Allen and Thea Andrade from the Phoenix Union High School District joined together with Dr. Aleksandra Leis and Daniel Leis from Boxlight EOS for an informative webinar about improving teacher effectiveness through professional development. Hear as they discuss how putting the teacher at the center of the PD experience has catalyzed the technology adoption process.
  • Rethinking Technology Integration in the Classroom: In this webinar, Lynn Erickson and Paul Gigliotti—two experienced educators and tech lovers—dive into the challenges of integrating new classroom technology. They also share ways to achieve this seamlessly using strategies from the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) and TPAC (Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge) models.
  • Innovations Bringing STEM and Robotics to Today’s Classrooms: There are many barriers for providing STEM education to today’s students, but these fields represent the highest area of need for tomorrow’s workforce. Listen as Charles Foley (Chairman of the Board for Critical Links, Inc., Boxlight Advisory Council) and Stephen Barker (Boxlight VP of STEM Education) discuss how educators can introduce the concepts of programming, robotics, and IoT without network infrastructure or expensive workstations.

Missed any of our sessions from previous seasons? You’ll find them on our webinar page as well! You can hear about how classroom design can foster (or hinder) learning, get tips for making your lessons more engaging, and discover how you can bring critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities together in the science lab. All this (and more!) is available for you to access at your convenience on our webinar page, so you can watch when it fits with your schedule.


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